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I am thinking of buying via the internet the following 1/48 kits to build. Revell B-17, B-24, B-26, and Monograms B-29. Other than really big I would appreciate comments on the quality of the kits. Thanks, Pete

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Which kits are you wanting to build? The Revell B-17 is the F model. Comes with Memphis Belle markings. As far as I'm aware, not in production at this time.The Revell-Monogram B-17 is the G model. Better detail with the R-M G kit. Revell-Monogram B-24 has 2 versions, D and J. The B-26 is now available from Revell of Germany. It is a late production B model. B-29 was recently released with Korean & WW2 markings. Comes with the parts to build an A-Bomber, but the instructions don't tell how to build that version. All Revell-Monogram kits build into nice models. Lots of interior detail. Canopys don't fit all that well, especially the B-29. Plan on using some filler at the fuselage and wing joints. All have raised panel lines. Always a dilema as to rescribe the model or not. I just rescribe the areas that I sand off during construction. When painted, it's hard to tell the difference, even if in natural metal finish.

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I built the B-17 and thought it was a very nice kit. I've seen and inspected the B-29, and my impression is that it is of equal quality - but HUGE, as you point out. Should be very impressive.

I have the B-24 kit in waiting (the older one - not the one with the nose turret), and while I don't think it's on par with the B-17 or B-29, I still think it's worth a build.

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