Got me a new welder :)

Just have to tell you all I just got myself an Esab Origomag 200 MIG welder from the shop and is ready to join the game of welding. Feel like a child coming out of the candy shop having my pockets full :)

Living as a newcome farm-hand in norway, I'm up to make a barn-cellar into a horse stable with my new welder and a metal chop saw :)

By the way; this looks like a super forum for a newbie-welder :)

Have a nice day/night! :)

greetings from Norway, Thomas Evensen

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Thomas Evensen
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Be careful! They are habit forming.


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Steve B

Couldn't you make that out of Norwegian wood?

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Some horses love norwegian wood like children do candy - do not want to build a new stable each year... In addition, doing steel allows thiner walls and doors :) Wood will be used as door and wall filling - with steel covering any candy-tasting wooden edge that the horses could grasp :)

greetings, Thomas

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Thomas Evensen

These are available in the US as the Migmaster 203- sold ready to weld, just add gas. Same MXL torch too, quality little 200 amp torch. Actually will weld quite well up to 260 amps with .035(.9mm). Nice, heavily built-to-last machines. and simple too. MIke

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