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Well, I finally got back to this newsgroup after AOL dropped access. I know everyone said get a new ISP but I have too good of a deal with AOL to drop it. I am currently using Google for access although it is a bit restrictive. I can't post any items for sale or want to buy. I loaded Firefox and Thunderbird and may eventually use that for access. Does anyone have experience with this browser?

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I like Firefox, but usually use mozilla as it is an all in one solution.

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i am using thunderbird now to read and post. it is basically netscape


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Atomic Knights

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Yea, I got Firefox and Opera both. As well as Netscape 4.7 (it's just hanging around) and IE 6. Mozzila, NS7, and Firefox are all built on the same Mozzila code base and somthing known as DOM3. Except for some corruption of graphics, I find Firefox works well.

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Gordon Reeder

So how are you accessing newsgroups like this? That is, are you using a dedicated newsreader, like 40tude "Dialog" (free).

I use Firefox as a broswer, Thunderbird for e-mail, and and Dialog for newsgroups.

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Steve Caple

Steve Caple wrote in news:l8chi0b5cwy0 $.80p5dnx6al2$. snipped-for-privacy@40tude.net:

Xnews has served me well for many years reading news. And it's free also.

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Unk wrote in news:Xns96094EE236DDEunkadunknotherecom@

I'll "amen" that. Can't say that I have used it for years, but I have for several months and quite enjoy it. Back before the Internet became the mass phenomenon that it is, I partcipated in BBS networks, especially RelayNet, and used a variety of programs then. Xnews certainly rivals the best I have seen.

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Norman Morgan

X-news is also capable of decoding yEnc files. Handy for picture groups like alt.binaries.rail

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