Good Bye NG

Well, from the message on AOL tonight, it seems this NG isn't going to be
supported very much longer. I for one will certainly miss it. Actually not it,
but all of you who have been part of the group that I write to and read from on
an almost daily basis. It's been a great ride; enjoyed it all, the
conversations around the world, the advice, the disparate opinions, the friends
I've met and even the occasional flames. Here's to you all...!!! Andy
We can make a box of wood.....FLY!!
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I've been hanging around this group since November, 1995. I've enjoyed it immensely and learned a lot.
I don't think the group is going out of existence on servers worldwide. Even if AOL is dropping it, you can reach it via Google or through a subscription to a professional news server.
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Martin X. Moleski, SJ
You don't have to leave just because AO-Hell won't support the newsgroup. You can always have web-based access. As one example, go to Google/Groups and find rec.models.rc.air and you're back in business.
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OWW! That's gonna leave a mark...maybe People PC? ;^) At least he has choices, only ISP that I DON'T have to pay long distance to use is the one the phone company has...can you say "They have me by the balls?"
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Keith Schiffner
I know the feeling. I have many dial choices, but I've grown too used to high speed access, and need it for work. I only have one choice and the service is terrible. Unfortunately, it's "the only game in town", so I'm stuck.
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AOL's newsgroup reader is, or was, the main reason i've stayed with thier overpriced service. I've not found a better readed for a dialup connection. Guess it's time to move on....
remove my-wife to reply :-)
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I'm not sure that message was from AOL. I sent a message to the sender protesting the action and it told me there was no such address on AOL! Go figure.
BTW, The GOOGLE site works just fine anyway. The only difference I see is you have to be online to read and reply.
Dan Thompson (AMA 32873, EAA 60974, WB4GUK, GROL) remove POST in address for email
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Dan Thompson
I got the same message. They can't even tell us what specific day the service will end! Typical AOhelL. Or as my wife says, America On Hold. More reasons to choose another internet provider. Dr.1 Driver "There's a Hun in the sun!"
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I'd say "good-by, aol"..... Never could understand why an experienced computer user would have aol... it's pretty, but it isn't efficient...
Arne, USA
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I heard that they were only dropping the downloading of binary files, not the reading of groups. I may be wrong, but if that is the case you will still get this group.
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James Beck
Cancel AOL anyway, it is way over priced and not any better than what you could get for $15 or less. The only reason to have AOL is if it is free with a computer purchase or something. Cancel that crap and move on. Brad
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That is somewhat true. I use MindSpring (Earthlink) as my ISP. I have AOL on the kid's computer because of the ability to set pretty good parental controls. I use their "Bring Your Own Access" plan for the kids, it give me a discount because I use my MindSpring connection as my gateway. I know about net nanny as so on, but AOL is set up as a pretty good content provider for my kid's interests. A lot of people also like the convenience of AOL. I think a good compromise would be to use someone like Net Zero as the ISP and switch AOL over to the BYOA option. Then one could use a "real" UseNet reader.
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James Beck
Huh? Could you please elaborate?
This newsgroup has absolutely no relation to AOL at all. AOL cannot stop "supporting" this newsgroup for a simple reason that it never supported it in the first place. This is a Usenet newsgroup normally accessible by anyone with an Internet connection.
If the above message means that AOL will actually _deliberately_ _block_ NNTP access for its customers (meaning that they stop "supporting" all Usenet newsgroups at once), then I can only suggest that you switch to some other ISP (I wonder what your contract with AOL says about this type of blocking). However, this will not have any effect on this newsgroup or any other Usenet newsgroups. You'll still be able to read/post to this newsgroup using some Web interface (of which there are many, like Google, for example).
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Andrey Tarasevich
AOL is no longer going to provide its customers with access to Usenet via the AOL GUI.
It did in the sense that it provided its customers with access to Usenet.
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Grant Edwards
Well....there are at least two options. You can dump AOL (my favorite choice), or, you could try
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