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How do I get around the zero thickness tolerance when I try to loft.

I get a preview that seems to show the loft will work, but once I click on okay it gives me the zero thickness error.

I have drawn the profiles then the guide curves - in that order. I have also tried to loft without guide curves - same result.

Anyone help?

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john gaskell
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Try making a loft surface with the same sections and guides. This will at least tell you if the lof tself is failing or the failure is from SW trying to combine solid elements together.

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He could also check off 'merge result' in the solid loft. Zero thickness usually means that the resulting solid body has difficulty merging with the work piece (original body you are adding stuff to). Zero thickness means the two bodies touch in one point or edge only, like trying to make a single solid body out of two spheres that touch only at the tangent point. The bodies ought to interfere with each other a bit to get past the error.


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