Importing VRML

Solidworks 2005 supports VRML importing. However when we tried it, we
get nothing. I was trying this method as a way to get mesh-type
objects into Solidworks.
Any idea what might be wrong?
Joe Dunfee
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Can you verify that it was a good VRML file? Have you tried adjusting the options in the open dialogue?
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Corey Scheich
Just had some limited success. Had to use the options button to tell it to only import surfaces. The only difficulty I see now is that the imported item is all one object, and sub-components are no longer separate items I can select or move. But, this is not needed for most of my stuff.
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I don't how i to looks in SW 2005, but for example CATIA v5 (the same company curently) make possoble only view of VRML (.WRL) files (V5r9 does ; maybe newr can also modify)...
There is special software which converts VRML to IGES, which is more useful for CAD, but i don't remember the name of the converter...
Hope it helps !
Best Regards, J. Jarocki
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