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Anyone figured out how to change the reflection image in the materials?
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Jeff Norfolk
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Good Question. I have been trying to find that myself.
Regards, Scott
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You first have to create your own custom materials classification. Click Create/Edit material, then pull down the box "solidworks materials" and select "new material database".
As far as loading a custom texture, you need to, ahead of time, create a directory under the solidworks install folder called "textures" (can be whatever you want it to be). You then need to add the path for it by going to TOOLS/OPTIONS/FILE LOCATIONS and pull down "show folders for" to texture. Add the path for the folder you just created.
Now that you have your .bmp .jpg or tiff in the texture folder you just created, you can load it when you build your custom texture.
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Mark Biasotti
Thanks. BTW - Nice job on the 007 video, very impressive. How may hours would you say it took you from start to finish?
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Jeff N

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