Image in Reflection Using Real View

I think I remember people here talking about this, but I couldn't find any
threads on it.
When you use 'Real View' and apply a material like chrome stainless steel,
you see an image in the reflection of a shop.
Does anybody know where the image is and is it possible to change it, to
your own image?
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Richard Charney
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Wayne Tiffany
Not sure,.. but on another but similar subject, I just found a DDS converter,
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Anyhow, if that file is a DDS, maybe worth using to convert to your prefered background image?
What you can do with this is read/write DDS texture files. Useful if you're into PhotoWorks but so far, using Windows 2000, I'm having problems with it? Probalby works better in XP? Looking at the notes,.. Verzion 2.1 is suppose to come out shortly.
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Paul Salvador
There is a Photoshop plugin available for editing DDS files directly:
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Version I picked up in December: Photoshop_Plugins_6.6.0827.1800.exe
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