Who's Shop is in RealView Reflection?

I just got my RealView working on SW2005. If you make a large flat plate and set the material to chrome, turn the RealView on, you can see some one's shop in the reflection. It has a carpet on the floor, a staircase, a balcony, and other garage stuff. I wonder who's shop it is? Kinda cool....


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Dan Bovinich
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there are various answers for this. the one i've been told the most often is that it's a picture of the indianapolis pit stops.


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Gianni Rondinini

Does anybody know how to change it to something cool? I am making parts that are going to be outside, and I would really like it to have an outdoor scene.

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I was once told by someone at SW (I don't remember who it was) that the image can not be changed. The one I had been looking at was a trade show, therefore the race car, building columns, stairs, etc.


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Wayne Tiffany

Mayby the same way you can change the SW backround... Reshack a certain DLL there could be a Bmp for the reflection also somewhere

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