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Has anybody had success transfering geometry to Ideas FEA? If so what
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What version, pre NX (Master Series) ??
Internally Ideas MS uses NURBS formulations to represent all geometry. This includes arcs and lines as well as surfaces and splines. I would think IGES NURBS output would work as good as anything. I don't think they ever got a reliable STEP translator. Even if they did it was probably a $6000.00 per seat add on, so not many are likely to have it.
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I had a chat with him this afternoon. He said Ideas complains about a space in the filename. The filename is junkspr.igs so it is hard to understand the message unless it is complaining about a space in the path folders.
He is fairly current in his Ideas although I think he just dropped subscription.
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geometry. This
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I-DEAS does not like spaces in the file paths. Therefore, if the file is located in the "Desktop" (which is under "Document and Settings") or in "My Documents", you will not be able to load it. Check this.
Best regards, Manuel Gonzalez
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