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I've been trying to get my drawings to print a time stamp which would
show when the drawing was printed. I can get the date to print
($PRP:"SW-Long Date"), but I can't find anything that will print the
curernt time.
Any ideas?
I was also wondering if it is possible to put VB commands into
drawings like you can with equations.
Thanks in advance,
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A Rasmussen
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Would this help? It lets you put a time and date on the print out, among other things Headers and Footers You can specify headers and footers for the active document before printing.
To create a header or footer:
1.. Click File, Print.
The Print dialog box appears.
2.. Under Document Options, click Header/Footer.
The Header/Footer dialog box appears.
3.. Select a predefined header or footer from the Header and Footer lists.
- or -
Click Custom Header or Custom Footer to create a unique header or footer and do the following:
1.. Select an area of the document where you want the header or footer to appear: Left section, Center section, or Right section.
2.. Select the items you want to appear on the page (Page Numbers , Number of Pages , Date , Time , or Filename ).
3.. Click OK.
The Header preview and Footer preview boxes update according to the items you selected.
4.. Click OK to close the Header/Footer dialog box.
5.. Click OK to close the Print dialog box and print the document.
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In the print page setup, you can set a footnote or headnote (not sure how it translates) where you can show time, date, file name, ...
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