Configuration used when opening a file from an assembly

Hello to all,

Under SolidWorks 2003, I'm pretty sure that when I right-clicked on a component in the feature-tree of an assembly and that I opened it from there, the (Part / Assembly) would open in the configuration used in the tree.

Under SolidWorks 2004 (SP 3.0), that's not what it is doing: the part is opened under another configuration (probably the last saved). This is

*very* annoying to me, to say the least.

Has anybody else experienced this? Am I the only one finding this so annoying? Is there a workaround?

Thank you very much!


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John Dewbert
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I am experiencing it, but I have not nailed it down to whether it is NOW opening to the last-used config, or it has before, and the last-used config is now being changed before I get to it ... we are getting busy here, and I may finally be getting "lapped" on keeping up with new configurations.

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