I have a question about SW 2003 sp 2.0

I created a model of a "u" bracket with features cut out of it. Then I made a fabrication drawing for it, put in all the needed standard iso views , put in reference dimensions, and brought some in from the model itself. Then I modified the part, but not the "u" part, in other words I didn't edit the "u" so that it would bend in the opposite direction. The problem that I'm having now after the revising of the model, is that the top view is no longer correct. it should still show the double lines representing the vertical side walls. The front and side views are being projected correctly, for example the right side view is showing the "u" shape properly with the open side of the "u" pointing up, an the front view is also being projected correctly. It's just the top view that isn't being projected correctly anymore. I rotated the front view by 180º to see if the top view would change, and it did, now I see the double lines representing the side walls on the top view, but because I rotated the front view, I shouldn't see the double lines. this problem only started after I modified the part. Am I doing something wrong?

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