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im new to solidworks.. i downloaded parts of the internet that i was suppose to get fo college! its just a block that where supose to design into a brick, very simple as i tought!

the second i started i ran into a problem. the when i click the views menu and select "front" it brings me to the top of the object, when i click isometric it geoes upside down! is there any way of rectifing this lik creating a new view of the front and naming it front????

maybe this isent the right place to go for advice i duno! i just seen it on google if not sorry!


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when i click the views

hit the space bar, that will bring up the orientation dialog box. Double click on front, as it is now it will put Your model in top view, then left click on top and after that click on "Update Standard Views". then do the same if it's upside down....double click top and change it to bottom....

// Krister

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