How does one go about sizing the "virtual" drawing views. I had to re-insert some parts into a drawng. Due to the scale differences, instead of being slightly bigger than the part view, the drawing views are larger than the "paper". Selecting to "zoom extents" the drawing results in a drawing that only fills up 1/2 the available screen. Double clicking the drawing shows the "extents" of the drawing view is the reason the zoom function doesn't work. Makes selecting specific views difficult as they overlap "views" keep interfering.

Can only "edit drawing" if I click on a small corner of the drawing that doesn't contain overlapping views. I've can't recall ever having this problem so I don't even know where to look.


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Sometimes a Ctrl-Q will put them back where they belong. I have also seen them return to normal later in the day.


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Wayne Tiffany wrote in news:99715cd0-0af3-4323-ad87-781be04cb483


Try select the offending view. In the Property Manager, under Scale, select Use Custom Scale

You may have data in the part file located some distance from the part features. You may also have the part data located some distance from the part's origin, possibly with some data at the origin as well (common in auto industry tranlations).

I've also seen this happen when you chop the end off a part. E.g. cut a

10 foot bar (part origin in the middle) in half to 5 feet (part origin at the end). View extents of the 5-foot part will include the chunk that you cut off.

Either way, it sounds like the view is including some data located some distance from the part that you may or may not be aware of which results in an abnormally large drawing view extents.

Hope this helps

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Rod Morningwood

This is a bug

If you have a long part in assembly like 10' pipe and you trim it down to 1'in assembly the drawing view will not recognize it and will think that the 10' pipe is still there

If this is your case make shorter configurations in part file

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