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With SW2005 we now have the ability to move a drawing view by dragging the geometry inside the view. Nice feature, except when it keeps doing that rather than moving a balloon arrow, etc.

When I want to go in and move the arrow on a balloon or weld symbol, I click on it to highlight it, then go to the end of the arrow until the cursor changes to indicate that I have the symbol selected. Then about half the time, when I LMB click & drag to move the arrow, it instead grabs the geometry & moves the view. So frustrating!! I haven't figured out what triggers it as some of the time it works fine.

Anyone else seeing this? Is there any way to turn it off? I looked, but found no setting for it.


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Wayne Tiffany
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Does it help to lock the drawing view positions?

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Dale Dunn

"Wayne Tiffany" wrote in news:

Hi Wayne

With the exception that I'm not able to move the view, I have the same problem in 2004. I find myself fishing around for the arrow tip quite frequently. Kinda like (from Acad days) the pick zone is out of wack. It seems that SWKs has some difficulty with object selection. Seems to me that when a baloon or note (etc.) is highlighted, it should get priority in the object select when you go to pick the arrow tip. But that is not the case.

I wonder, Had you noticed that behaviour with 2004? If not, then perhaps the problem is a hardware issue (video card? mouse resolution?)

Too bad this has not been repaired in 2005.

Looking forward to the other improvements.


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