SolidWorks VB macros, why are they so big in filesize?

I have a macro I created that generates SCH 40 and 80 pipe. You choose a size, and input a length, and it generates the part.

The filesize on the macro is almost 5mb. How can I tell what is taking up the most space? I dont understand why its so big, since its a pretty simple macro (at least I think it is).

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SW Monkey
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Looks like the macros dont actually delete code or forms from the file when you delete this in the IDE (almost like the fast saving option in Word).

Try exporting your code and import it to a new macro or just unfrag the macro.

HTH, Stefan

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Stefan Berlitz

I know that adding the swConst.BAS as a module in your code could add a MB by itself.


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That's why I would typically recommend adding only the references you need. Just don't succumb to the temptation of just looking up the numerical values and using those instead of the full references!!


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Evan T. Basalik

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