Weldment cut-list question

I had a weldment to do that contained 1.0 sch 40 and 1.0 sch 80 pipe. I
edited the 1.0 sch 40 pipe and Saved As 1.0 sch 80. It shows up in the
cut-list as sch 40 though. What am I missing? Don't tell me the only way to
change this is to change the Description property of each item in the
Mike S
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Mike Schick
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When a weldment profile is used in a part, it only brings in a copy of the information, it is not associative to the file it referenced.. You need right click on the structural members in your part that need changed and edit the feature. From there, select the sch 80 pipe instead of the sch 40. Otherwise you will need to edit each description. And you'll be wanting to change the master sch 40 file back to what it is supposed to be so that it is correct the next time you want to use it.
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I guess I didn't make myself clear. I opened the 1.0 sch 40.sldlfp and "Saved As" 1.0 sch 80.sldlfp.I did not make any changes to the original sch 40 file. I made the necessary changes to the sch 80 pipe and saved them. I then started on my weldment. When it came time to insert a sch 40 structural member that is the profile I used. When I needed a sch 80 pipe, I used that profile. If I click on "Edit Sketch" on any of the 1" structural members the correct profile is present. I figured it out anyway. The Description property under File>Properties>Custom needed to be changed on the 1.0 sch 80.sldlfp file. Thanks for your "help" anyway.
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Mike Schick
I think you missed a necessary change...In the "1.0 sch 80.sldlfp", along with the dimensions you changed you also have to got into the File Properties and edit the Description that will appear in the Cutlist there. SW only uses the filename for finding the profile.
Also, after this change you'll have to Edit Feature of any existing instances of the 1.0 sch 80 Structural Members because they are not linked to the original part/sketch profile, only copies of the sketch profile (at the moment the feature was edited).
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