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Hi all any help with this would be appreciated.

I would like to exclude a member in the cut list on the drawing. When I create a drawing of a weldment I would like to show all the members in the drawing but not in the cut list. I have a building and we did a weldment form each grid line (East West) (North South) and where the grids intersect the same member exists in each weldment. I then use a delete bodies as the last feature in the list and delete the duplicate members from the secondary grid. I want to do a drawing showing all the members, however I would show the duplicate member in phantom lines and not list them in the cut list. At this point I have hit a wall as I can't excluded members from the cut list in the same way you can with a BOM. For now I will just draw lines in at the drawing level.

Hope this make sense ?!

Thanks Steve H

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In the part file, right click the cut list folder and set it to manual. Then find the cut-list-item folder of the parts you don't want to include and delete it. This will leave bodies "hanging out" in the cut list folder but won't include them on the weldment cut list. If you need to group any of those bodies into a cut list item, select them by control-clicking and right click to add cut-list-item.

We use this method to model tubing end caps, but not include them in the cut list for the shop. That way the fabrication guy can use whatever steel he has handy instead of a piece of steel being cut.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks, Infact I ended up doing somr thing like that. I made subweldment This in turn makes a new cut list item and in the description i put referance items. this way i can item ballon them and even diferance shapes and sizes have the same item number. it's a bid strange but the guys can work it out. I just want to sure they don't order/cut the same item twice.

Thanks all.

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