Weldment Cut List - listing angle cuts

I created a simple weldment with various angles, and dimensioned it
to check what the cut list was doing with the values. I was hoping the
cut list would contain all the necessary dimensions (rather than having
to manually dimension each piece). However, while it correctly shows
the overall length of the piece, the challenges are determining which
edge is angle1, angle2 and the direction of the cut.
This weldment's cut list gives the cuts in order starting at one end.
But if I had not dimensioned the angles, I would not be able to
determine which end was the starting point. If I could determine this,
then Angle1&2 follow that sequence. Although, it still doesn't seem to
be sufficient info to feed a CNC cut-off saw.
I imagine this gets MUCH more difficult if the weldment is based off
of a 3-d sketch and it is not obvious which is the start and end of a
single line.
Another issue is the automatic sequence of the bubbles. They seem to
follow the sequence that the lines were created. I would certainly
prefer that they were arranged around the view in the same order as the
cut list.
Any ideas on how to approach these issues?
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Weldments have built in the capability to disply 'angle1' and angle2' information for each cut list item, just add columns to the weldment cut list and choose custom property: angle1 and then angle2 for each column. Let me know if you need more info.
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