Fastener Specifications

Just out of curiosity, how do you handle fastener specifications when
using a fastener library? Things like material, ASTM A325 vs A490 etc?
Currently I have three different file sets for most of my fastener
part, 1) stainless, 2) CAD plated and 3) Grade 8.
Looking just at McMasterCarr under hex head cap screws we have the
following options:
Material - Material/Finish/Grade comparison chart
Material TypeFinish Grade/Class
Steel Plain Grade 2
Stainless Steel Zinc-Plated Grade 5
Aluminum Cadmium-Plated Grade 8
Brass Black Grade 9
Ceramic Black-Luster Grade CU2
Nickel-Copper Alloy 400 Blue-Coated Class 8.8
Plastic Galvanized Class
Silicon Bronze Ultra Coated Class 90
Class 100
A286 Super Alloy Not Rated
So obviously, I've not even scratched the surface of coverage.
I've got some time on my hands and wanted to clean up my fastener
library, but am trying to keep it well organized.
Any ideas are greatly appreciated
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Having each of the different types in different files keeps the files smaller, but doesn't allow changing a fastener say from Gr 5 to Gr 8 by just changing configs. But the next best thing is to create the first one, then save-as the next one, etc. That way the features will all be the same and then in an assy you can replace the fastener and still have the mates work. We have a file for GR 5, Gr 8, Metric, and then a misc as we seldom use the others. No sense in creating *all* the varieties when, in reality, they will never be used.
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Wayne Tiffany
When I created my fasteners (i.e. SHCS), I used Holo-Krome standard black steel ASME/ANSI B18.3. That's all I thought I would ever need here. I did however go to the trouble to create a config for like every size available.
Later, I needed a stainless screw. Instead of making a separate file, I opted to make configs for stainless versions. I copied every row in the design table and pasted them with new P/N for the stainless variety. This doubled the number of configs. I am up to over 900 configs, IIRC.
My only advise from this experience would be as follows: *Keep them either all in one file, or at least do the save-as method that Wayne explained so you can do a Replace Component easily. Both have their advantages/disadvantages. *Only create configs for the common sizes that you think you will ever need. I went a little overboard with mine which costs me some time due to file size and such. *Minimize any extra data to speed up performance. This goes for unnecessary features, sketch relations that are redundant, textures, etc.
For what I do, the only thing my fasteners are used for are for a visual representation, and to fill in the BOM. I don't do FEA, PW, or anything like that. So accuracy is not the key for me. BARE MINIMUM!
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Seth Renigar
Thanks for the feedback.
In going through my fasteners, it's easy to add new types by copying the files and then editing the design tables to suit. I think I'll do that as the need arises.
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