Mommy, where do the attributes for REV tables come from?

I'm trying to get the REV table to pull some custom properties from my part,
but the properties box is blank. Where exactly is it looking to get the
Todd Bennett
Celerity Group, Inc
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T Bennett
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It's looking for whatever is in your drawing template in the Revision history area (I presume that's what you're talking about). Right click on drawing format, choose Edit Sheet Format, go to your Revision history area ("table", if you will), and look at the entries there. When you double click on them they should read something like $PRPSHEET:"REV1" or similar, where "REV1" is the Custom Property referenced.
Or are you asking something more advanced than I think?
T Bennett wrote:
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I don't think we're talking about the same thing. You must be assuming that I have a rev. block built into my drawing template that references a custom property (rev1, rev2, etc.). I could handle that if it were the case.
However, I'm talking about the REV table that comes with SW2004 (Insert->Table->Revision Table). I put this in the drawing and change the column properties to custom properties. But the box is empty. That is, rev1, rev2, etc. does not show in the list. The custom properties box works fine in BOM tables.
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