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I'm using Swx 2003 and have a questions about drawings of multi-configurational parts. Can a drawing be made with a table of values for the dimensions that are changed in the configurations?

I've got a bolt that I'm using as a stop and have turn a groove along the length for use with a snap ring. The distance of the ring is the only thing that changes with the configuration. I would really rather not make a drawing for each configuration.



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In your model insert a Design table. This will ask you which values you want to show up in it. You can then in the drawing select a view of the part and select Inser/Design Table and the table will insert onto your drawing.

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Corey Scheich

If you don't actually need something driving your assembly, you can simply make a config. block in Excel, then drop it onto your drawing. I think this is a lot easier than making a design table. It takes more effort to get a design table to look right on the drawing than one little dimension warrants.

How this works: Open Excel. Make the bottom row which contains your column labels (CONFIG, DESCRIPTION, 'A', REV, etc.). On the row above, fill in your values (-01, LONG, 1.250, A, etc.). Make as many rows as you need. Add your preferred border style and save this. The name isn't important because the file gets embedded into the drawing. Exit Excel. From Windows Explorer, drag this file onto your drawing.

The problem with this method is that nothing is parametric. It simply is text in a pretty box. For us this is the method of choice, because SolidWorks doesn't recognize the need for design table information on the drawing. They made improvements (arguably) on BOMs, Rev Blocks, Hole Tables, and Cut Lists, but no improvements for configurations.

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I sent you a file explaining how to set up a tabulated drawing. This was an article written by Lee Bell and I think it may do just what you are looking for. Take a look and let us know.


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