Creating drawing files for various configurations

Hi there, I'm wanting to create a set of drawings for some die inserts that are very similar to some already modelled and drafted. I'm trying to save time by not having to recreate the views, sections and dimensions. Is it possible to create two seperate drawing files from the the same part file but pointing at differnet configurations and still utilise some of the data from one drawing file in the next without blowing apart the original drawing file? Thanks, David

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Save the drawing file to a different name. If you want to link between the drawings you won't be able to do that but you can change configurations on one drawing that wont affect the other drawing.

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Save the drawing with a new name. then RMB a view, click properties, then pick the configuration you want to change to. Be sure to change all the views. It should save you some time

Mike Eckstein

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Michael Eckstein

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