Configurations....derived vs just creating...

Realy starting to get into heavy configurations. I am wondering what or why
specifically one would use a derived componet vs just creating a 2nd
configuration with the new changes?
Also, looking for any general rules of thumbs that you guys might have when
it comes to setting up configurations.
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Arthur Y-S
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A set of derived configs lets you make changes on down the line to all derivations by changing the upper one, while at the same time allowing you to customize the lower levels while not propagating back up the ladder. Just creating more configs means you have to deal with each on individually.
For example ( a very simple one,) let's just say you have a machine that you want to have Coke bottles in and one you want to have Pepsi bottles in. Each line may have changes in derived configs, but the parent will still control the Coke vs. Pepsi issue.
Another way to use them is kind of like folders. If they are derived, you can shorten the list, and only expand it when you need to see the lower levels.
I found that I used separate configs until one time it clicked that the issue I was dealing with fit the derived scenario. Keep it in mind, and you will probably recognize the proper time. But remember, what you do to the top one, filters down to the ones below.
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Wayne Tiffany
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Very useful to us doing sheet metal, and multiple parts.
On top level the different parts, folded. Derived the unfolded, and any in-between "in the manufacturing process" states that could be needed.
Changes to top ones propagates to derived, and not to others at the same level.
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