Displays multiple entities

We are currently running Win 2K, SW 2004 Sp 2.1 and are experience random
multiple entities being displayed and printed. It occurs when files are
viewed either through SW or with SW Viewer. These 'corrupt' files when
viewed from non-Solidworks PCs result in the same issues. I worked around
this by performing a Save-As on both the model and drawing documents. But
this is a pain.
We have also observed some processing slow downs. Switching to software
open GL improved the speed, but obviously doesn't utilize the graphics card.
These two items together make me suspicious that it is related to a graphics
card driver issue. But because it is also displayed from other
non-Solidworks PCs indicates the double entities are resident in the drawing
file. The multiple entities have been dimensions, centerlines, bolt
circles, etc.
Suggestions appreciated.
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