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I just returned from the SWUGN Technical Summit in Boston, MA where I gave a PhotoWorks presentation. I had a number of people ask me about PhotoWorks 2007 and I wasn't able to give too many details or show the software due to the beta NDA. It turns out SoldWorks has posted information at its website about the

2007 release and this includes information on some of the new PhotoWorks 2007 features. If you're interested, have a look
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Rock Guy
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I don't think it violates NDA to say that the new material library (now that it is public on the link your provided) was quite impressive, at least with what I tried. Whoever they got to do it did a wonderful job on the materials I tried. Also, the HLR scenes are handled quite well. Your PWx contest could get much more interesting (not that is hasn't been intersting so far) when 2007 is released. I know I wanted to use

2007 on my submission but I thought that wouldn't be fair. It's a nice upgrade, and its been a long time since I could say that about PWx. Now, if they could only get a handle on the bugs... (and who knows? it's been a while since I've messed with it)

-Ed 'glass is half full' Eaton

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Interesting reading and it will be good to see that perhaps something has been done to improve PW2 - but as you say Ed , have the bugs that litter the software been tackled? Lets hope so.


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I have to agree with everything you've said Ed. 2007 has really raised the bar on the rendering potential of PhotoWorks. This is not only good for the contest but the entire user base. I can't wait to see the images people start producing in the next couple of months.

"-Ed 'glass is half full' Eaton" ...............better karma?


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Rob Rodriguez

i knew hdri would be coming

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