Autocad Alternatives

I am faced to choose whether to stay with AutoCad - Architectural Desktop or
not due to the forced retirement, and the latest releases new licensing
requirements that force you to have one license per station.
The license issue is the key for me, since it says that you can no longer
expand and contract your office (ie summer interns) as necessary without
having licenses for all, and for a small business this is a hefty hit.
I am exploring several alternatives and would be interested in feed back.
1. Vectorworks 11 seems to be a pretty good choice
2. IntelliCad
3. DataCad
4. Others???
Any help would be appreciated.
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If you already have AutoCAD then look seriously at IntelliCAD.
Check out my web site at
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I'm currently looking into various versions.
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BricsCad (IntelliCad) is very good. An almost-clone of AutoCad. I've used it for a few years and am basically pretty happy with it.
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It's in Belgium. They speak Engish.
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