Multiple users changing and saving xrefs

We have ACAD 2005.
Is there a way for more than one person to be working on an xref,
making their changes and then saving back to the common xref without
overriding the other user's changes.
That is, the common xref would be updated by each person for only the
section they are working on.
Each user would be working on a separate part of the xref.
We have a situation where we have 30km of watermain and we need 2
drafters to be working on different sections without one only having
read-only access.
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I think you need two separate files. Wasn't that the purpose of xrefs in the first place, to let you divide up the data in a fashion that it could be put back together eventually, with each xref only containing a part of the whole picture?
different ways to split it up, by layers, by location. if they are making additions only put all one person's work in a particular layer to keep things straight. split it up east & west. let one work waste and the other CW. whatever floats your gord.
but I don't think there is any way for two people to both be modifying the same file at the same time. the program just doesn't work that way.
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The only way to do this is to do a save as and create a second drawing... the other drafter would use that file and when they are done, they can block out the part they worked on and you can insert the block. wrote:
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Aaron Fox
Or simply split the file in half and then xref them back together in a master file?
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