drafting tests?

my boss wants me to put together some sort of tests for new hires. anyone
ever take a drafting test? I think he is thinking about some sort of written
test or maybe a combination of that & a hands on CAD test.
I started to write one and am really noticing how hard it is since about
everything on CAD can be done in many different ways, not really a right way
of a wrong way.. anyone offer any help????
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I've done 2 tests before. One was draw a floor plan from a sketch (was working in a architects office) The other was to draw a square, 2 edges chamfered and filleted. Inside the square draw a circle, inside the circle draw a triangle. Add some text, line types, colours and hatching. All the show that you knew the basic comands and could draw. We had one chap say he couldnt do it. The reason being he was used to ACad 2000 and we were using 2004. He said 2000 was totally different!
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Stephen Franks
Did a test for Angus council once, on a machine with 2000LT installed, had a crap mouse and the snaps weren't working properly, someone else got the job but I figure they had it even before I had the interview. Still looking for that elusive draughting job, meanwhile back to getting my hands dirty fixing pressure washers.
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this is probably going to be no help whatsoever.
pick something(s) that looks like what they will be working on and say "draw this".
it gets past the bull shit. but you probably need something more formatted.
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you might use a copy of Autocad and ist basics. It is a text book I use to teach out of. Co9st about fifty bucks (course you could see if your library has it) and take some of the questions from the end of chapter test and build them into a test. You might wander down to your local tech school or high school (try the high school as they not interested in making money on every soul that come in the door) and talk tyo their cad instructor.
what ever test you do you want to talk about stand ard practices, sheet sizes, line weight, standard abreviations, etc. Things that are not specific to your organization, but you want to have specific questions about your discipline. If you are a archetectural frm you may want questions about elevations and such. In all cases a couple of drowing and asking them to anser a few questions about them would help also. After you get basic questions out of the way then you ask about things in autocad. But things generic to it. Not everyone has had exposure to autocadd 2006, some may still be working in 2000, or 2002!
It isn't that hard, and if you look at places like cadalyst magaize you may find it easier than it seems.
Bill Carty
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Bill Carty

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