Cursor changing and not changing back

I have seen several instances of the cursor changing to something other than
what it's supposed to be and getting stuck there. It may be that it changes
to something appropriate for the situation and gets stuck, or it may be
something random, I don't know. Either way, the only way I have figured out
to fix it is to close SW & reopen. Anyone else seeing this, have a better
idea what causes it, have a better solution to get it working again? It's
not just my machine, and it appears to be quite random - frustrating.
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Wayne Tiffany
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I have seen this. Just yesterday, could not use my select arrow - it was stuck on the "zoom window" icon. It still worked thou was just annoying. I had to do the same as you, reboot.
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I've seen it many times but don't know what causes it. I notice it when it first happens, then just keep working and ignore it. Since I ignore it I can't really tell you if it eventually resets itself after a little bit or if it takes a reboot - I haven't kept track. Sorry I can't be more helpful other than to confirm you are not alone.
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Yeah, seen that here too - seems to be to do with Rotating for me, well using the rotate tool anyway, and then clicking on an object to rotate around it....really off-putting!
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Lee Bazalgette - factorydesign

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