union-ing multiple bodies in an assembly

i have assembly which i think right now has about 15 solid bodies in it, composed of 5 parts/ compoenents.

i would like to union/ unite the whole thing, all 15 objects into one solid, for subsequent slicing & dicing.

i tried exporting it, the first time as a *.stl, then re-importing it. didn't work.

i might end up schlepping the solids over to another program, one space designer, then uniting there. OSD won't let me find the center of a spherical surface, imported as an IGES file.

there's got to be a way to do this in solidworks 2005. i hope.


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Is there a reason why you're not using the tools that were meant to do this? I suppose there's no harm in doing it the hard way, if that's what you want to do.

Export/import as an stl? You get paid by the hour, don't you?

In the part there's a command called "combine". In the assembly there's a command called "join". I don't know how join works with separate part bodies, but I assume it does. You could also in the part use the "insert part" function and skip the assembly step if what you're trying to do is create a single solid from it.

Looking at your other posts, have you considered a basic introduction class to SW? There is a decent help with SW and some tutorials. The SW website has some knowledge base stuff as well. You might learn things faster if you read some of the existing materials, and develop a bit of intuition with the software.

Anyway, good luck.

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You should use the Join feature to create a new component within the context of your assembly that is the union of all the other parts. This feature is very useful because it is dynamic - the union part updates as the other parts change. I use it all the time and its very helpful.

I can provide a more detailed description of the process, if desired. Otherwise, I believe the help files provide a sufficient explanation to get you started. You will probably find the process to be fairly intuitive once you do it a few times.

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John Eric Voltin

thanks very much !

i had used "combine" ... i did a search for "join" in sWorks "Help" ... pretty self-explanatory.

i would like to find another tutorial, as good as the one that comes bundled with sWorks. i.e. integrated with the program.

pro-e has a tutorial, too, but it's just a *.pdf file.

i bought the planchard tutorial book for sWorks from amazon. the book wasn't very instructive by itself. i have yet to open up that CD-ROM.

my experience with 3D modelling classes (in the corporate world) is that they cost about $1K per week per student. more than i can afford right now for sWorks training. not saying it's not worth it.

anyway, i appreciate the help - and the patience of my "instructor-set."

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You might try the Solid Professor CD. I haven't used it, bought the stuff I've seen looks like it is probably worth the money, which is quite a bit less than a class, plus you can work on it any time you like.

Jerry Steiger Tripod Data Systems "take the garbage out, dear"

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Jerry Steiger

I aggree wit Jerry 100%,

I bought the igetit package (

formatting link
) and I like it a lot. However it is web based sounless you have access to a WiFi connection when your away from home you can't use it. SolidProfessor is nice in the fact that (in the SW 2005 update that I received for a modiest $80 or so) you install it on your HDD and can take it anywhere you take your laptop.


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