Assembly Level Feature - Getting Bodies - Problem?

Hi All,
I am trying an Assembly Traversal With SW2006 with Visaul C++6.
I am unable to get the Assembly Level Feature for more than one body.
Ex: snipped-for-privacy@part1.sldprt have 2 Bodies (Part1.sldpart is a Multi body
Part. Both are affected by Assembly level feature).
Using Componenet2->IGetBody( ) --I can get the first Assembly level
feature body...
I could not get the next Bodies....I have Tried
Componenent2->GetBodies( ). But Failed....???
Give me a solution.
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There is a GetBodies2 call that is current. Does the example work for you?
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Component2::GetBodies2 from SolidWorks 2006 sp02 sounds like what you want.
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