Convert Sheetmetal to normal Part to allow multiple bodies.

I started with a small flange, which has now had several revisions and the only fold in it has been removed. I'm trying to do an extruded cut with text entities, but multiple bodies are not allowed in sheetmetal.

I tried sticthing the text together, but I can't select the entities, so I tried disolving the text so I could select the entities. However, when I trim the curves, the geometry fails, and the shape gets screwed up.

Is there a way of converting sheetmetal parts back to standard parts so I can allow a multibody part, then sticth it back up later?

Regards Dominic.

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Just tried: Make your sheetmetal part "the old way", ie as a "normal" solid, then insert bends at the end. Of course keep only the wanted solid when making your text cut.

Or (not tried): export your part as parasolid, insert bends after your text cut.

Or (tried) start a new part, insert your part as the first feature, make your text cut, insert bends...


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Jean Marc


Jean Marc gave you some good suggestions, but since this is a "small" part, perhaps the easiest is to just delete the sheet metal feature, which will remove all of the other features and start from your original sketch or a new sketch.

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Jerry Steiger

I first tried to delete the Sheetmetal Feature, but all the other features are dependant on this, so they all get deleted as well. I ended up disolving the sketch, which unfortunately causes me to lose the parametric ability to modify things. Then I converted the "holes" in the letters to ref. lines, to complete the cut. After this, I inserted a "Tab" feature, to replace the "holes", and added joiners. Ideally, I'd make a new font for stencilling, or one that has the "holes" removed, so I could maintain the parametric ability to resize etc.

Unless anyone has a font like this already?

Cheers Dominic.

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try making it as a feature, i mean sheet metal library feature and then put it on the required face.


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