RC-Delete Bodies-not there-Assembly-Edit Part mode

Using 2006 SW, In an assembly and in edit part mode. If you right click on a face to bring up the menu, there is no Delete Body. If you open the part and do the same thing, there is Delete Body. Frustrating... Did they fix this in 2007, or rather add it to the right click menu in an assembly-edit part mode?

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Joe Sloppy
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It's there on my install of SW 2006 SP 5.0

You can customize the right click menus or for that matter most menus, perhaps you can make it show up by customizing...

--Matt Schroeder

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Matt Schroeder

It's there in 2007sp2.1. In fact, it's also there in 2006 sp1.

Go to Tools, Customize, Options, and under Menu Customization, select Show All.

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