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CP Technologies AE101 Class Being Offered Again December 10, 2003 Web posted at: 9:39 PM EST

(ROL Newswire ) -- All of the students in the first "Introduction To Amateur Rocketry - AE101" class offered by CP Technologies were successful in their first attempt to design, build and test a solid rocket to a specific pressure-time curve. During the class, students learned how chemical rocket engines work with the class focusing on designing composite solid rocket motors. John Wickman, the class instructor, assigned each student a maximum peak chamber pressure and pressure-time curve design goal. They then designed a rocket motor to meet that goal. The students mixed and cast the propellant as well as made the motor parts. During the class, they also learned how to make different types of igniters and analyze the rocket motor test data. The motors were static fired on the last day of the class at Wickman Spacecraft & Propulsion Company facilities. All of the motors performed as designed with no catos or burn throughs. Steph Spooner, a student in the class said, "Your Rocket Engine class was the most fun I've had in years. Hell, I even learned something"

CP Technologies is now offering the class again starting on February 6,

2004 through February 8, The course costs $195 and includes the "How To Make Amateur Rockets" bookset, all motor materials and lunches. Students do not have to be US citizens and do not have to be members of any rocketry organizations.

People interested in the class should sign up as soon as possible as class size is restricted to seven students. More information on the class can be found at

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