Save Rocketry Now, phase 2

Remember the Save Rocketry campaign of 2003? It was a huge success -
everyone in the hobby banded together to raise money for the benefit of
us all. At the time, it was said that we were just getting started with
the first phase.
Well, the time has come for the second phase! Our goal the first time
around was to raise over $60,000 for television commercials. This time,
the goal isn't as high, but the need is just as great, as the hobby
continues its legal battle against the ATF, as well as the need to bring
in more new blood.
This time around, we're out to raise at least $20,000 to provide money
for the legal battle, while at the same time investing in some
advertising to help raise awareness of the hobby. The
website is still out there, and chock full of some great information to
help educate people; we just need to invest in some advertising to bring
them there.
How can you help? Now through April 21, 2005, we are collective prizes
for another mega raffle. April 22, 2005 through May 15, 2005, we will
be selling raffle tickets to raise money to benefit us all. Go to
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for more details.
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Kevin Trojanowski
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are the raffle tickets tax-deductable? what about prize contributions?
also, just wanted to say I found an ad for in the new Scientific American - great choice for ad placement!!
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Cliff Sojourner
That ad was the mastermind of Mr. Frank Uroda of PML, and financed by these vendors;
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Support them!
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