[Club and Vendor Info Needed ASAP] for Save Rocketry NOW!

Hello everyone,
We are currently working on the flyrockets.com website and need up-dated
Org, club, and vendor information ASAP. The
formatting link
site has
been reconfigured as a data collection center. The information gathering
forms are ready now. If your are in charge of a model, mid, high power,
experimental, or amateur rocket related organization, local club, or
company, please go to the
formatting link
site and enter your info
today. Click the appropriate link on the left side of the screen.
This information will be posted on the Clubs and Vendor pages of the
flyrockets.com web site. This is the site that the commercials aired during
the Discover Channels "Rocket Challenge" special and all Popular Mechanics
print ads will point to. This site will be the gateway to all aspects of
non-professional rocketry. This site is expected to get hundreds of
thousands of hits. Make sure your info is there!
---Frank Rocketman Uroda
Ps. The site has also been updated with other pertinent information
involving the Save Rocketry NOW campaign. Check back often.
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Frank U
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Very nice, But I thought someone mentioned that they got hits years after having print ads. And if the link we give is only good for a year. Oh I see the incentive to give us the domain for a year.
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Robert DeHate

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