August TRA Legal Fund Raffle

LDRS has come and gone (in a grand and glorious faction), so it's time
to continue on with the TRA Legal Fund Raffle.
This month's prizes are another fine selection that everyone will want
in on, I'm sure:
Edward Miller, BSD High Power Rocketry, PerfectFlite, Ed Jacoby
Edward Miller (the guy behind those incredible painting articles in
HPR) is building a custom BSD Apache, donated by BSD, and mounting
a PerfectFlite MAWD (donated by PerfectFlite). He'll then paint it
(we're talking professional-quality paint job here, folks!) and in
the process, write an article for High Power Rocketry. Ed Jacoby has
graciously offered to pay the shipping for the completed rocket,
including the altimeter, to the winner. No pictures just yet -- Edward
is completing assembly, and thinking about the ideal paint job.
He estimates the prize will be ready for shipment to the winner
sometime in September.
Art Applewhite Rockets
Art is donating another one of his 12" 38mm flying saucer kits. I've
seen some great reviews of these!
Newton's 3rd Rocketry
Okay, so everyone can't afford to fly a full-size porta-potty. But you
CAN afford to fly the Lil' Johnny Rocket Kit, which Newton's
3rd Rocketry is donating. It's a detailed model of a porta-potty with
fins and motor mount, and a great little flier from the comments
I've heard.
Terry McCreary
Terry continues his efforts to educate the world on EX, with a donation
of Experimental Composite Propellants.
Entry deadline is August 31st; tickets are $5 a chance. Remember, all
proceeds go to help Tripoli fund the Legal Battle against the ATF.
Raffle info and forms are available at
formatting link

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I forgot to mention that the BSD High Power Kit (a custom BSD Apache) includes a pair of nice parachutes donated by Recovery Technologies. Gotta love it when a great prize gets even better!
Kev> LDRS has come and gone (in a grand and glorious faction), so it's time
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Kevin Trojanowski

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