Be nice to Jerry thread

Given all the love and compassion we have for Jerry I thought what a
neat idea to just start a thread where we can focus all that kindness,
love and affection I know we all have for this poor man.
I mean to be burdened with such serious and terminal afflictions, it
has surely taken a toll on his sanity and as we were all taught one
must be kind to those less fortunate amongst us.
So please feel free to add to this thread your outpourings so poor
Jerry knows not every one in the world hates him and he doesn't need to
go eat worms.
ps: Jerry remember a Lithium a day keeps the men in white coats (not to
mention the monsters) away
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David Wilkins
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Yes, but a shipment of class 1 hazmat, in any form, "labeled as model airplane parts", will not keep the DOT away..(:-)))
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But this is a "be nice to Jerry thread"; not a rocket thread. As Jerry is so fond of saying, "try to stay on topic".. (:-)
lovs2fly wrote:
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I suspect a tongue in cheek troll to generate personal epithets or a flame war?
Not to insult anyone but I do enjoy reading all views on an issue even if I do not agree with it. The repartie can be very entertaining although the personal epithets get old sometimes. Glue sniffing, really. Can't you come up with something new?
I suspect Mr. Irvine desires that we all be allowed to enjoy this great hobby without interference. He would have to speak for himself on this point but I bet he would agree that my inference is valid as far as he is concerned.
As far as certain legal situations are concerned I only have one observation based on incomplete information. Uncle (ie. Uncle Sam, nee' "The Government") doesn't like to be lied to. Now I do believe that APCP propellant is relatively safe and if someone wants to keep it in their house, heck that is the best place for it. Most folks don't want their house burning down and take appropriate precautions. Look at the insurance industry. Try to get insurance on an empty house and you will pay more than if you live in it. They like the homes occupied.
Do there need to be limits? Sure, but not the totalitarian controls that will kill the hobby if the government wins the "lawsuit". The major rocketry groups can review what is in place already and make changes if need be. Personally, I see no need for an LEUP for rocketry. Yes I know the law says you need it if you are at a certain level but I do not think that is right.
I bought a kit from USR asked some general questions about some topics and Jerry gave me some very nice pointers. I believe I had a very nice experience. If I'm successful I feel inclined to share the event by email/jpegs as many rocketry purveyors seem inclined to take satisfaction at their customers triumphs. Also may lead to repeat business.:)
Perhaps I would feel different if I was personally involved in some of the situations alluded to here about certain alleged events but this is the way I see it after 9 months of involvement with rocketry again.
Let the flames begin! Kurt Savegnago
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I'm not exadurating when I say Jerry must spend 100 times more time here than David. Besides Jerry has a bash me sign on his back. 8-)
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Phil Stein
If I had one, I'd donate it to Jerry - (only if I could watch him eat it.) 8-)
Bill looks like we're having an air show this weekend. You going?
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Phil Stein
Then jerry should sit down an hush, especially his bad mouthing of certain individuals and organizations, as what good information he may share on occasion is more often than not drownded out by the bad mouthing.
Most of us agree with what you say in principle, but unlike Jerry, we choose not to "live the life stile", as Jerry claims or alleges he does.. (:-) Your correct about uncle and not liking to be lied to; Jerry obviously didn't understand..
Understand about the kits; just happen to have a couple of them myself, even a 6" Stub: modifies it with a 75mm motor mount and added a 24" upper section and payload section for two stage deployment. No doubt the rocket will be a great performer when I get around to launching it. Gota make sure Phil is there, so he can do a review for HPR..(:-)
I would say, Jerry's involvement with those "certain alleged events" especially DOT, is a bit more than just alleged.. (;-)
No flames, Fred
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No he cannot.
And I have walked the walk.
But they have no compunction whatsoever about doing the lying.
But cannot simply use existing exemptions.
Or make changes with REDUCTIONS in access controls on a "known safe" activity.
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Jerry Irvine
You're giving Jerry to much credit. All you did was reuse SOME of the parts in his kit.
HPR is one area where Jerry and I agree on quite a few things.
Anyone care to guess how many issues of HPR have shipped so far this year? - Not you Fred, David or Kevin. Clue - there are two working days left in May.
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Phil Stein
thread to rockets!
Yes and you could simply walk past the poor man lying in the street without extending a helping hand. For me the small amount of time it takes is rewarded by that warm inner glow that I have done humanity a service in being kind to one less fortunate than myself.
I mean really the government should have taken him into their care and placing him with others of his persuasion for a few years, rather than leaving him destitute and out on the streets where he will no doubt be tempted into more harm.
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David Wilkins
Pleased to see your happy with the kit you received, and I do wish you the very best with your flying attempts.
Unfortunatly I once thought as you do, that all this cannot be true, but alas as soon as I joined a particular rocketry club, he got all irrational.
I guess to most folks Jeffery Dahmer was just your average nice guy, right up to the point they opened the freezer and found that a leg roast took on a new meaning.
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David Wilkins

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