US Rockets failure to deliver "Save Rocketry Now" prize

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A general note:
The 'from' address will never give you the correct answer on exactly where the spam came from. Check out the ip addy in the header and do a reverse dns lookup followed by a tracert and more than anything you'll find the offending host. An more than likely the offending host is a incorrectly config'd relay host. More and more now I'm actually finding out the host is just some goobers non-patch windows system which would also would be a infected *zombie* pc.
At work I apply this same technique for email viruses. Then I contact the isp(phone only) and report the ip. If the isp is worth their worth the offending PC user gets a *greeting* from their isp and I get my mail *clean* server back.
Sam Spade makes all this much less of a chore
Ted Novak TRA#5512 IEAS#75
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the notorious t-e-d
As of Thursday night, Jerry has indicated to me that he will ship me one of his Mosquito 2.2 kits (worth the same value as his Titan kit).
I wanted to update everyone on the situation. For now I will be laying this controversy to pasture, but if I don't see anything in the next few weeks, I will continue to hold Jerry's feet to the fire over this matter and will either resurrect this thread or start a new one.
Before this mess started, I had no beef against Jerry Irvine and it just perplexes me why I have gotten this kind of treatment from him when we have neither met or have had any kind of past interaction.
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Richard Burney
Much spam has forged from addresses. You can't tell where it came from by reading wha's int he "to" field. You have to crack the headers and reverse translate the IP addresses. SPAMCOP.NET does this for you.
In addition to the DNSRBL, many sights reverse translate the IP address, and reject mail if the name and address don't match. This too reduces spam, but sometimes trips up some legitimate mail.
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Bob Kaplow
Just an update about my situation with Jerry Irvine/US Rockets.
Two weeks ago I finally received his Mosquito 2.2 kit in the mail. Guess what? It was missing both centering rings! Finally about two weeks I received in the mail both centering rings.
Last night I sent him a final e-mail thanking him for sending the rings. But I also used the opportunity to go over again the problems I have experienced with Jerry over the last 6 months and how that has negatively effected me ever being a customer of his or recommending others to buy from him. Below are the contents of that e-mail:
************************************ Jerry,
Got the set of centering rings in the mail yesterday. Thanks for the speedy delivery.
With that said, I have to say I am not too terribly impressed by your overall service as a company or you as a person. Back after I originally won that Titan kit from the Save Rocketry Now raffle, when it became evident that you were unable to deliver on the item you had promised you should have:
A) Told me that you did not have it on hand
B) Give me a timetable on when you could actually provide the prize. If you had said that it would have been, let's say, 6 months out or so and you had promptly returned my e-mails letting me know what the situation was, I would have been cool with that.
C) Offered me an alternative. All of a sudden out of the blue on RMR you mentioned the possibility of me picking an alternative when you had never mentioned that to me before.
After all the months of dicking around with you I had no choice but to publicly put this situation on RMR... of course this created bad publicity for you, but it was your own fault.
After taking a light hearted poke at you because of your own dealings (or I should say lack of) with me and other rocketeers you privately e-mailed me to "fuck off"... didn't have the balls to tell me that right on RMR itself, huh? I have dealt with a lot of rocketeers through out the years and I would never expect that kind of childish behavior from very few of them.
Because of this experience I have had with you, you have personally guaranteed that I will NEVER be a paying customer of yours and that I will sway as many people that I can NOT to buy your products. Again this was all a very avoidable situation.
Richard ***********************************
Today I got the following e-mail response from Mr. Irvine:
Didn't have that much discourtesy for you.
Thank you for your admission of trade interference. I will use it.
Jerry ******************************************
So Jerry first of all drags his feet for nearly half-a-year for a prize that he promised to have available for Save Rocketry Now almost a year ago, now he is THREATENING me because of the poor service HE has given to me.
"Trade interference" - if Jerry wants to blame anyone for "trade interference" he only has himself to blame for causing the "inference" of his business. His dragging his feet on doing anything, his lack of communication, and his piss-poor treatment and attitude towards me has lost him at least me as a potential customer and so he has created "trade interference" all for himself. If I desire to pass my experiences with Jerry onto anyone else deciding to buy his products, I have a First Amendment right to express my opinion. If he wants to do anything against me for him creating this whole situation, I have all my e-mails and his responses as documented proof of the situation he created.
I don't have to even directly say "Don't buy from Jerry Irvine/US rockets"... everything documented in this online thread speaks volumes of Jerry's character and whether people should deal with his model rocketry company or not.
Richard Burney
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Richard Burney
No problem, I'll say it: Jerry Irvine, owner of US Rockets, is a demonstrated and obvious crook, (in addition to being a liar and a fraud). By his past history, with many obvious example, anyone who conducts business with him should approach with extreme caution, if at all. Jerry, if you need cites, just say the word...
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W. E. Fred Wallace
If you want, I can post links to Jerry's civil and criminal prosecutions ... Hi Jerry, I notice you have been 'laying low' lately, but as soon as you come back, I have something for you ... my old friend :)
People who deal with Jerry, and KNOW his background, are just STUPID!
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I am sorry you didn't heed the warnings posted on here over the last 13 years about Jerry Irvine. Matter of fact, Jerry's rip-offs go back almost 30 years. He has stolen money from individuals, buisnesses and organizations. He has sold defective products. He has broken state and federal laws ... the list goes on.
We don't HATE Jerry because we are jealous of his personally preceived 'OMNIPITENSE', or his 20+ year old line of 'vapor-ware' kits, that PML easily eclipses in design, quality, and price ratios (as an example). We HATE Jerry because of all the bullshit, lies, and thieving he has done to the tune of over a hundred thousand dollars that I can document so far.
So I am sorry for your experience, but you had to learn the HARD WAY as sooooooo many others have in the past and into the future; it won't get any better until the day Jerry dies and then I am sure he will have a fraud based on that!
So if you are reading this, and you have taken the time to read back through the archives, and you ignore the obvious and deal with Jerry Irvine, and he screws you ...tough shit. You were warned that you were dealing with a cobra and chances are 2:1 that you are going to get bit ... tough, suck the poison out and live with it. Please don't come posting to this group as if the sky is falling ... as one poster here put it, its all FUN so get over it ... right Ted?
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I think Jerry gets knocked around enough as it is, there's no point in dragging him through the mud in a public forum, except to be petty and mean. You got a bad shake, for sure, and obviously he lost a potential customer forever. Rehashing it all here doesn't serve any purpose though.
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Actually, considering that he originally had to come here to get anything of what he had won, it's wholly appropriate to post a follow-up here. 1) It lets folks know that the goods WERE eventually delivered. 2) It lets folks know that rather that take the opportunity to try to resolve a problem, jerry is more interested in swearing at people and threatening them.
For those who don't believe it's true, it demonstrates a continued pattern of behavior on the part of jerry.
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Kevin Trojanowski
Yo! Did you actually bother to READ the thread, or are you too busy salivating at the opportunity to jump on jerry?
Richard won a prize that was donated by jerry, and had difficulty in collecting. He had to bring it to RMR in order to get any sort of response, and is letting folks know that he A) finally did get his prize and B) got sworn at.
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Kevin Trojanowski
Yes I read it ... and did you notice Jerry's responce .. FUCK OFF. Now this is a wonderfully FUN way to do business in the MR community right? Jerry can tell his customers to FUCK OFF and the world is a fun place to fly rockets. I hope Jerry screws all of you sucksers ... wait he already has :)
And yes, Jerry is a tasty crook ... love taking a bite out of him every chance I can!
Its all fun Ted, people getting ripped off ... its all fun! Why don't you place a several hundred dollar order with Jerry, Ted? Put your 'fun' money where your mouth is :) Oh wait, its easy to state crap from the safety of the other side of your monitor screen ... I forgot.
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Barry Bonds

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