Birthday Trip

Rita's birthday present has been good so far, weather very nice indeed, hire car not too bad, it's a V6 Buick but 'wallowy'.

Had a good flight over, the cabin crew found a bottle of bubbly for Rita as it was her birthday, full marks to BA!

Not a lot of engine stuff, Woodland Show/Swap Meet is next week or so, after we return. Might go up to the Heidrick Agricultural Museum and then do Blackhawk Car Museum on the way back, that's always good for the automotive soul!

Petrol is $US 3.74 a gallon (US) food is cheap, lots to see haven't been into SFO yet.

100 DVD-R for $US 12.00, that sort of price makes it worth bringing a spindle back, last visit they were $US 25.00 for 100.

Sat up on Seal Point yesterday and watchd a sea-going tub tow some sort of Navy ship up to the Golden Gate, then a couple of harbour tugs came out and took hold of the back end, the tide was running very fast and the ship wasn't under power. Looked like a scrapyard job.

Did our usual visit to Green Apple Books, got a nice couple of books, one on shipbuilding in the bay area durng WWII, the other a British steam engine book, cover price =A319.99, got it (New) for $US 12.00, my kind of price!

Travel back on the 23rd, land on the 24th.


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