Project car : 830 HP at the wheels

My son's work demo car had its first outing not long ago.

Motor Gen 3 Chev 5.7 litre, bog standard pistons crank etc. out of a Holden Commodore. Modifications twin turbos & exhaust system built and installed by my son. Pipework completely fills the engine bay and is pretty to look at. A real swear word creator if you had to work on it.

Result 830 HP at the wheels on a dyno

see it in action on

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engine missing is caused by the rev limiter cutting ignition

the object is to go around corners sideways on.

second video was taken on a shopping centre rooftop car park.

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High penalty for a screw-up in the 2nd vid!


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That got me to wondering....What does gasoline cost per liquid unit down there these days? We're around US$3.60 per US Gallon here in New England today.

I have fond memories of business trips to Australia back in my road warrior days. My impressoion back then (about 1980) was that Sydney was a "car crazy" place, it seemed to me like every third shop on any business street had something to do with automobile parts and/or custom accessories. Sort of like Southern California with an Australian accent. I loved the times I got to visit places down under.

Is my memory correct, or have things changed since then?


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Jeff Wisnia

Very cool. Karl

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I wish it was that here.

Price at nearest fuel station in Gosnells about 1 mile from my house, today $1.40.2, tomorrow $1.39.9 per litre, 3.8 litres per minigallon = $5.32 Oz or $5.05 US, I need to fill the Camry tomorrow as I have done 720 km so far and do not have enough range left for Saturday's

130 km trip. Tomorrow one place is upping the price from $1.40.4 to $1.54.9 or $5.59 US/gallon

I get prices from

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fuel station has to notify next days selling price to fuelwatch by 3 pm so motorists can plan to buy at the best price. This url only covers South of River Perth prices as I rarely go north. ( Perth is split north/south by the Swan River with only 5 bridges crossing the river in about 30 miles between sea and hills )

Pretty much the same. Sydney is a place to be avoided like the plague.

Perth, in the west, has a higher proportion of cars per 100 people than any other part of Oz.

My youngest son, also Jeff, has his much modified Gemini which breaks an axle every time he goes to the drags. Currently having a modifed

36mm dia Jackeroo axle fitted to replace the standard 26mm axle. He also has a much modified Jackeroo 4WD which he is making the pipework for the turbo being fitted to the spare motor. Everyday transport is a rustbucket Rodeo ute which cost $350 and has been converted to run on LPG. On the water from Japan is his new ( used ) Toyota sports car, he says he is tired of his ute and wants something decent to drive. My car is an '89 Nissan Patrol on LPG, but I usually drive eldest daughter in law's '95 Camry as it costs less to run, even though LPG is much cheaper than petrol. She now has a Suzuki Liana? 5 door which is easier to put a pram in for grandson. I gave her cash towards it and get to use the Camry which I gave her in 2001. At the same time, Jeff got a large milling machine similar to a Bridgeport which he makes the intercooler & tubo parts on.


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up a set of tires in a couple minutes!

So, where are the pictures of this awesome plumbing job?


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Jon Elson

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