Walthers Hot Metal Car [wheels]

Hi Folks,

I was wondering if anyone has purchased the Walthers "Hot Metal Car" [#932-3130] and/or the Walthers "Slag Car" [#932-3140].

Assuming that the supplied wheels are plastic, I would like to buy one car of each design and replace the supplied plastic wheels with metal wheels.


1) Might you know the size of the wheel to use? 2) Might you know which brand name axle would work/fit as an easy slip in affair?

Thanks So Much! Matt

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Matt & Kathleen Brennan
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Matt both use 33'' wheels. I've replaced mine with Intermountain's and they roll great. Just make sure the tracks in your mill where you leave the cars are level as they tend to roll very easily.

-------------------------------- Ken McCorry

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Good Morning All,

Right you are Ken. Intermountain wheels. I use them on all my cars. You are also corrct about level track. Those cars WILL roll away on any grade.

Bob Rule, Jr.

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Thanks Ken.

----------------------------- Walthers catalog [page 276]: item #: 85-40050


Would this be the correct wheel set?

They also offer a 33" wheel [# 85-40052] which states "Semi-Scale". I have no idea what that designation means.

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Matt & Kathleen Brennan

Yes. The wheel sets are also available in sets of 100 (#85-40055) if you're going to upgrade your entire fleet at one time.

Semi-scale wheels are narrower than standard wheels. If you do a search though

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you will find some discussions on rec.models.railroad about semi-scale wheels.

You can probably see the difference if you look at these two images:

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Semi-scale wheels look better, especially on tanks cars and other types where the wheels are very noticeable. But they are less forgiving going through turnouts and crossings.

[I've settled on the Intermountain 33" standard-width wheels as my standard, by the way.]
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Mark Mathu

Thanks Mark. I will do the same.

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Matt & Kathleen Brennan

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