Lister D Mangeto

I have just about finished putting together a D that I got as a box of rusty parts.

I was quite looking foreward to trying it out sometime this weekend when I put the magneto on.

Unfortunately it does not seem to fit and rotates the opposite way to the engine.

It is direct drive, not chain driven and the problem is that the male part of the drive (on the engine) is too small to turn the female part (on the magneto).

Am I missing a part that fits between the two? Can I reverse the rotation of the magneto? Would I be better off selling this mag and buying one that does fit? Any other snippets of advise? Anybody want to do a swap?

Mag is a Lucas RS1 (Shouldn't it be an SR1?) Type DE2 no 421240 Clockwise rotation Engine is a 13D no 108103

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Of course I am talking about a Magneto!

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