Lister-Bruston Lighting Sets.

In the name " Lister-Bruston ", did Bruston manufacture the generators or just market the sets with their name in conjuction with Lister's? I saw this article :-

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and the dynamo appears to have the same relative (length to diameter) dimensions, oil bearings, looks and characteristics of a Mawdsley (Dursley) dynamo I have from the same period.

Also, has anyone come across, or any info on, electric governors?

Thanks in advance, Dave Carter.

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Dave Carter
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As far as I am aware Lister built the sets using Bruston equipment, my Tarpen has an electric governor and as far as I can see it is an electro magnet that gets stronger as the load increases so opens the carb.

Martin P

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ISTR that Mawdsley were wholly owned by R.A.Lister, and the Bruston shop, on the Dursley site, was the place where engines and dynamos were joined in unholy matrimony :-)

Regards Philip

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