Lister paint

Can anyone recommend a supplier of a suitable paint for touching up the
original Lister paint on my two engines rather than stripping it off and
repainting completely?. I've managed to remove the modern black paint that
someone has daubed on my D gen set to reveal the original, and the other is
I believe also original so I would much prefer to keep what's there, but of
course it they have bits missing.
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Most paint mixers/suppliers can do the required colour:
BS381C Shade 226 Mid Brunswick Green
What 'type' of paint you use will depend on what is already on the engine.
Also, there were plenty of engines in variations on the them, so Shade 226 may not be correct for your engine. There were three grades of Mid Brunswick Green.
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Peter A Forbes
That's what I have a problem with, I don't know enough about paint to know what to ask for, I suspect that the cellulose paint I would get from my local auto-paint supplier would react badly with the existing 1940s paint but don't really know.
Yes I've read that they used some crap paint during and possible after the war and other grades at different times.
I had expected there to be some specialist selling the 'right' paint for vintage engines who appeared to know his stuff but can't find one, only one person on EBay and one from Google that just sell "lister paint" with no indication of what you are getting.
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If the exact shade is in doubt the other option is to take a small (easily removable) painted piece of the engine to a reputable paint supplier and have it colour matched to your requirements. Most if not all old engines were brush painted when new. My personnel choice would be a brushing enamel, but if touched up any engine will look odd until the new paint ages and gets marked.
Andy M
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I know it wasn't the question, but I am a firm believer in 'oily rag' restoration where a good proportion of the original finish survives - only my opinion FWIW.
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Nick H
If the paintwork is in pretty good condition then I'd go with that as well. The Ruston 1ZHR came with very good paintwork when we got it, so it has been left untouched. One thing we have noticed is that some lubricants seem to lift the paint in places, particularly where the surface has slight crazing.
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