Looking for photos of BR standard steam

I am trying to add sketches of the BR standard steam engines to the Goods and Not So Goods website - Snag is all my books are in storage and Google is proving singularly unhelpful.

I am trying to find images showing classes 75, 76, 77, 82 and 84xxx.

If anyone can point me at illustrations of the above classes (the images do not need to be big) I would appreciate a pointer.

I drop these into the computer, increase the contrast and remove as much of the background as I can and tidy up any bits that look wrong, print the result, trace this off onto grease proof paper, scan that back in then try and make the tracing resemble the original picture using Paint Shop Pro. Steam engines are proving a lot more difficult to do than the diesels and electrcs, especially those in black livery! The result is not great art but hopefully serves as a basic 'know your enemy' chart for beginners.

Alternatively if anyone has any models they feel capture the look of an engine (from BR to pre-grouping) if they would be prepared to donate a photograph I would be happy to include it on the site (especially if it saves me doing a sketch!). It is probable that a photograph of a model will show more accurate detail than my sketches. The site is entirely non commercial and I am currently a carer (on £76 a week) so I cannot afford to use 'proper' photographs and I am currently unable to get out to take photographs myself as the person I care for is very ill indeed.

I have made a start on the BR standard steam classes (the text still needs a lot of work) - the relevant page is . . .

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You are welcome to my collection of about 50 of very varied photos. Just email.

Peter A

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