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Hi All from chilly Wales (UK).

I have a small but (slowly) growing collection of US Steam locos and need some help in finding reference photos of the following locos. Allegheny, "A" class and Y3 class. I am ideally after colour photos as I want some reference photos for weathering. Can any one point me to an on line source? If not what about books??

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There have been several books written on the Norfolk and Western railroad. Most of the photos are in b&w but there are some color photos. Weathering of a steam loco is pretty much the same no matter what the railroad although the N&W was pretty good about keeping the locos in good shape and finish. Eastern steam had a lot less "weathering" as the locos were using much better water so the white deposits didn't form anywhere near as much. I'll also note that O. Winston Link did a lot of sound recordings of the N&W railroad and did several excellent records out of that. My favorite is 2nd Pigeon and a mockingbird - a mockingbird singing in the foreground as the

2nd Pigeon train marched up in the background.

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The site

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an extensive collection of photos available on-line. A quick look showed photos of the H-8 in B&W and color, the A in B&W in original service and 1218 in fan trip service in color, and Y-3/Y-3a in B&W and color, as well as other classes which would have similar paint jobs, operational dirt, and maintenance.

I don't do much with N&W but would recommend three books of color photos of the C&O with steam era (and diesel) content:

- Chesapeake & Ohio Color Pictorial Volume One by Harry Stegmaier, Four Ways West Publications 1998 ISBN 1-885614-21-7

- Chesapeake and Ohio Railway in Color Volume 1 by Jeremy Plant and William McClure III, Morning Sun Publications 2002 ISBN 1-58248-083-4

- Chesapeake and Ohio Railway in Color Volume 2 by Jeremy Plant and William McClure III, Morning Sun Publications 2003 ISBN 1-58248-109-1 Both Morning Sun Publications (

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) and TLC Publications (
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) are active publishers of good quality color photo books. TLC is based in Lynchburg, Virginia and tends to emphasize C&O and N&W material. Gary Q

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