Carrington Steam Rally Cancelled

We have just be advised that the Carrington Steam Rally due Bank Holiday weekend has been cancelled. My guess is that the rain we have experienced since Thursday has waterlogged the ground and it would cut up badly. From past experience they have taken the brave decision to cancel.

Hopefully there will be a next year and that the weather will be kinder.

Andy M

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That's a shame, though as you say a brave decision. We should be at Lamport and I note the BBC are currently predicting a dry Sunday - though what the ground will be like after all the recent rain I don't know.

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Nick H

We got a call last night from a friend at Leeds saying that the O.N.C.A Rally near Sheffield was also cancelled, presumably again due to the weather. Seems that the recent bad weather is affecting a number of rallies.

Mike M


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The horse's field is not bad at all, seems that Luton has had more rain than further north, but the Great Ouse is almost at flood levels and I'd be wary about going on a wet field with any machinery.

Saturday looks the best until the forecast changes again....


-- Peter A Forbes Prepair Ltd, Luton, UK

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Prepair Ltd


I am not surprised that Carrington has decided to cancel, several friends of mine went to Bevoir Castle last weekend with their tractor and likened it to the WW1 trenches. The two boys were kept busy towing with the tractor though especially on Sunday morning when exhibitors started to leave. It rained all weekend and considering it has done much of the same this week and Carrington being in the same area I'm not surprised.

I'm booked into Lamport this weekend but shan't be attending, the Camper needs an MOT, not current, and I intend to get it ready, weather permitting this weekend and my Van will be loaded to the gunnels with tools and equipment for a two weeks in Edinburgh the coming Tuesday.

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That's a pity Martin, I've got a box full of camping stove parts that I was going to give to you! Of course, it may be that Lamport will also be cancelled, the ground there gets very sticky after a bit of rain.


Philip T-E

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Burford then :-))

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We are at Whitby Abbey, 300 feet above the North Sea. I see the weather is predicted as reasonable for Saturday & Sunday but there is much beard tugging & tooth sucking over Monday.

Probably just climate then, & no whether about it ;o))

Have a good holiday all.


Kim Siddorn

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Kim Siddorn

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